Why we started 46 Series Entertainment

In 2018, American author Tim Koster was deployed to the Middle East with the U.S. Army in support of Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve. During his time abroad, he wrote his debut novel with the intent to self-publish when he redeployed back to the United States.

When he returned home, he became involved in the online writing community on Twitter and Facebook. It was here, he learned about how many independent authors and writers struggled with the cost of hiring an editor.

Tim studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Franklin Pierce University from 2004-2008 and served as the editor for his Army Public Affairs unit for more than ten years. He had the skills people were searching for and desire to help his fellow authors.

Starting as the business entity for his self-publishing endeavor, he expanded his available services in early 2019 to include editing, formatting, and writing.

Learn more about all available services here.

As a new business, we are always looking to bring in new clients. We understand hiring an editor is an important financial decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is why we offer a two-chapter test drive – we will edit your first two chapters for FREE, no commitment needed.

What’s in the name?

46 Series Entertainment does seem like an odd moniker for a literary service company, doesn’t it? But the name actually derives from Tim’s Military Operational Specialties (MOS) – 46Q, 46R, and 46S (Public Affairs).

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Why We Started 46 Series Entertainment


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