The Indie Voice Review

Please note: The Indie Voice Review is currently not accepting submissions

The Indie Voice Review is an annual literary magazine founded in January 2020. This Lit Mag’s mission is to provide an outlet for independent artists to showcase their work, build author awareness, and promote the joy of reading.

Proceeds from the sale of The Indie Voice Review will go toward the purchase and distribution of kid’s books to pediatric hospitals. Our mission is to help stimulate young minds, encourage reading, and provide an escape for kids in long-term patient care.

Submitting work is FREE for all indie and self-published artists.

We value the unique voices of the independent artist community and relish in work that provokes a sense of awe and wonder. We want stories that make us rethink the ordinary and will push the boundaries of conventional thought. We like it weird,  profound, and wondrous. Don’t be afraid to let your wildest imagination show itself on the page.

Submission Guidelines

  • All artists may submit up to 1 short story or 3 poems each submission period
  • Short stories must not exceed 2,500 words
  • All genres are acceptable; please indicate what genre your story is when you submit it
  • Poems should not be longer than 60 lines of text
  • 46 Series Entertainment requires First North American Serial Rights for each submitted piece – after publication, the rights to the work will revert back to you
  • We only ask for acknowledgment in future publications and re-printings
  • All work must be previously unpublished
  • There are no reading fees
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide payment for work at this time
  • 46 Series Entertainment reserves the right to deny any work submitted – formal acceptance and rejection letters will be sent out before publication
  • All entries must include an author biography that will not exceed 200 words; please include any URLs to professional websites and social media handles (these do not count against the word count)
  • All entries must be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx) format only

Submission Dates

The Indie Voice Review will be published in late summer. Submissions are open starting Jan. 1st and close May 30th. Any rejected piece of work may be edited and resubmitted for consideration in a later edition.

How to Submit

Please email all submissions and take note: any submission made outside the open periods will not be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we purchase a copy?

Right now, current editions of The Indie Voice Review can be found in our shop.

Where do the proceeds go?

The intent behind this project is to help boost youth literacy, promote the joy of reading, and provide quality stories to pediatric patients in long-term care. In the magazine’s infancy, we intend distribute books to kids who may not have access to age-appropriate literature. Where we go from there? The sky is the limit!

If you know of any Children’s hospitals or care centers that are in need of books, please email us to tell us about it.

What books are you giving to children?

We intend to open a dialog with the chosen recipients of the books to better understand what age range we need to buy for.

As an Indie Company for Indie Writers, we would love it if the majority of the books we give away are from independent authors. So, if you’re an indie children’s author, or know someone who is, please fill out the form below and tell us about your book!

Can we advertise?

If you own a business and would like to advertise in The Indie Voice Review, please email us your request and we’ll send you a quote.

Can I donate books to be given to the children?

Of course! We’re always happy to receive books to include in our donations. Please email us to get more information. Please note, we may ask for a sample of the book prior to the donation in order to better understand if your story will be appropriate to gift to the children. Also, depending on the suggestion of the recipient organization, your book may or may not be included in that particular donation.

Other questions? Email us!

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