46 Series Entertainment now offers editing, layout services

BROAD BROOK, Conn – 46 Series Entertainment, an independent book publisher for American author Tim Koster, is now providing editing and layout design services.

The decision to offer these services come after an influx of comments made on social media about the demand for more affordable professional development services for independent writers.

“Good editing and professional internal design are two important elements to self-publishing,” said Koster, owner and founder of 46 Series Entertainment. “The story’s words and how they’re presented on the page are the two things readers will judge a book by once they open it. I think independent writers deserve to have these services available to them at a reasonable price if they need them.”

Koster has more than a decade of editing and layout experience from working as a U.S. Army public affairs specialist.

To learn more about the services 46 Series Entertainment offers, visit their web page by clicking here.

About 46 Series Entertainment

46 Series Entertainment is an indie company for indie writers. It provides professional editing and layout design services and is also an independent publisher of fiction, providing readers with quality books in both print and digital formats. The company was founded in 2018 as the self-publishing venue for American author, Tim Koster


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