10 more lost words you need to know

It’s been too long since I’ve written one of these articles. I don’t have a particularly good reason as to why, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is this: part five of our collection of lost words you probably don’t need to know but could come in handy, is back.

As always, let us know your favorite obscure or lost words in the comments.

1. Callipygian


  1. having a well-shaped buttocks

Example: When it comes to physical attraction, Joe prefers someone more callipygian.

2. Pannychis


  1. an all-night feast or ceremony

Example: Royalty and peasants alike partook in the pannychis to celebrate victory over the enemy.

3. Barbigerous


  1. characterized by having a beard.

Example: I don’t know if I can ever show my face around the circus ever again after calling the barbigerous lady, “bro”.

4. Woofits


  1. the unpleasant aftereffects of overindulgence, especially drinking

Example: He thought he could hold his own in a drinking challenge with the frat boys, but his woofits the following morning proved otherwise.

5. Giglet


  1. a giddy frivolous frolicsome girl

Example: She went out for drinks with her coworker, not realizing how much of a giglet she was.

6. Nuncupatory


  1. to exist only in name

Example: The tribes people’s stories were purely nuncupatory, passed down from generation to generation without ever being written down.

7. Rakeshame


  1. a base or degraded person

Example: Despite an affluent childhood, a series of poor decisions led to a life as a rakeshame.

8. Uptrain


  1. to educate

Example: Determined to see her students succeed, she doubled down on her effort to uptrain those who needed extra help.

9. Wamblecropt


  1. having a rumbling stomach.

Example: She smiled despite becoming wamblecropt, determined to make it through the meeting without incident.

10. Twattle


  1. gossiping idly about unimportant things

Example: He sat quietly as he listened to the others twattle, wishing he could leave.

What did you think of this week’s list? How many of these did you know? Do you have any words we should add to our next list? Let us know in the comments!

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