Weekend Reading Roundup: 7/16/21

We’ve checked the forecast and this weekend looks like a great time to pick up a new book (or five). Here are our editor’s top picks for this week:

The Tree That Grew Through Iron by McKenzie Austin

They are traitors, murderers, deserters, and thieves. They are also the world’s last hope.

The ground crumbles from the dying mainland and falls into the sea.
Natural disasters claim thousands of lives.
Prayers are no longer answered by gods.
Prayers are answered by steam machines and the Time Fathers of Panagea.

Nicholai Addihein, one of the eight ruling Time Fathers, struggles to find a way to save the lives of his people. After a moment of misunderstood treason, he must also find a way to save his own.

With time for salvation ticking down, landing on the deck of an immortal pirate captain and his ragtag crew of criminals wasn’t a part of Nicholai’s plan, but the outcasts seem to know a thing or two about Panagea’s buried history … and how to save it.

With all of existence at stake, and the other Time Fathers vying to kill him for his treason, Nicholai must act fast. In a time where no heroes remain, can criminals rise up and save the world?

The Probability of Time by Tim Koster

The Arrowhead Killer is dead! After a decade of hunting the city of Grimwick’s most notorious serial killer, Detective Liam Smart finally feels the colossal weight of this case lift from his shoulders. Justice for the killer’s fifteen victims has been served — or so he thought.

When a new victim is discovered, Liam fears the killer may have had an apprentice — or worse, he arrested the wrong man. Determined to bring swift justice, he enlists the help of Loralei, a young, enthusiastic historian who may have knowledge vital to unlocking this new mystery.

But as the case’s evidence begins to build, Liam quickly discovers Loralei isn’t just beautiful and smart, she has a secret. And the longer he pursues the killer, the more he gets dragged into the middle of a secret war that’s responsible for reshaping the American political landscape until he has no choice but to join the fight.

The Probability of Time is the first book in The Historians trilogy: a steamy, action-packed thriller about time travel, alternate history, and American secret societies dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Reyanna’s Prophecy by Whit McClendon

Reyanna is a woman with a secret. A human raised among the noble and wise Weya, she had passed all the tests and become a Ranger, as adept with bow and dagger as any of the elf-like people who trained alongside her. But she has a frightening power deep within, and it’s growing. When a vision strikes out of nowhere, a powerful prophecy that brings her to her knees, she is thrust headlong into a perilous journey

The war with the vile sorcerer, Mordak, ended over twenty years ago, and the land is peaceful. The Jidaan-wielding Guardians who survived have gone their separate ways, settling into more quiet lives. The power in the short-handled, long-bladed spears has slumbered, no longer needed. When the same vision overcomes the Guardians, they know the time has come to awaken the Jidaan once more.

Gart, wielder of the Jidaan of Storms, and the most powerful of the Guardians, sets out on a dangerous quest that will either reunite him with his love or destroy the world. Three evil sorcerers have their own plans for Gart, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. And all the while, Reyanna’s power struggles for release.

Can Reyanna and the Guardians solve the riddle of the prophecy in time? Or will Gart’s obsession bring about the end of all things?

It’s a fast-paced, exciting epic fantasy adventure set in the world of the Fire of the Jidaan trilogy!

Packed full of action and adventure, The Forge Born Duology is perfect for fans of Dennis L. McKiernan’s Mithgar series, Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom tales, or Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga.

TIMESTAMPED Postmarked Yesteryear by B. Patrick Bruce


With the passing of her grandmother, and the inheritance of an antique holiday postcard collection, fourteen-year-old Rebecca Renford discovers she is a Time Corrector. Guided by interdimensional overseers and aided by a handsome, humanized computer historian (called a Continuant), with the selection of each vintage postcard from her album, Rebecca must travel back in time to help rewrite historical wrongs.

Battling the omnipotent Void and its never-ending roster of evil Time Disruptors (aka the Clan Gryves), Becca, as she is known by all who love her, is determined to seek vengeance for the deaths of her father and grandmother, Penelope Renford—the most recent Time Corrector.

Smart, feisty and fearless, endowed with magical gifts she has yet to fully comprehend, Becca will stop at nothing until every last member of the Clan Gryves has been banished forever…back into the Void, where all evil begins…and all evil belongs!

The Notch by L.W. Hawksby

An unsettling, supernatural thriller; The Notch is based in the stunning countryside of rural Wales. Through the four main characters the book closely explores infidelity, domestic abuse, murder and the painful intricacies of being forced to face our demons…

Will Alice get her revenge? Will Serena get what she desires? Will Michael be found out? Will Dylan get the Love of His life back? The Notch will shock you and perhaps even have you re-evaluating your own moral compass and life choices. Coincidence, Serendipity, Karma, Fate, Evil…let’s see if they really exist….

Lucy is a best-selling Scottish Author, based in Glasgow. More about her and her writing is inside this book and on her website http://www.thenarcissisthunter.co.uk

Do you have a book you want featured in our roundup? Let us know in the comments!

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