The Indie Voice Review gets revamped

BROAD BROOK, Conn. — Due to the lack of submissions for the first-ever Indie Voice Review, 46 Series Entertainment has adjusted the program to better accommodate Indie Artists who are interested in submitting work.

Originally, the literary magazine was designed to be released quarterly with very specific open periods for writers, poets, and authors to deliver their work. The revamp has cut back on the total number of magazines published from four to two.

The Indie Voice Review is an ambitious project that we’re very excited about,” said Tim Koster, owner of 46 Series Entertainment. “However, we quickly realized that a February 15th deadline for the first edition may have been a bit too ambitious given the project’s launch in January.”

“We’re hoping the new timeline, moving from a quarterly to a biannual production schedule, will not only give our authors and artists more time to produce a piece of work their proud of enough to submit, but will also give us enough time to properly market the magazine,” Koster added.

A new Twitter page has been launched, which the company hopes will add a level of authenticity to the project and become a central hub of information regarding the magazine.

About The Indie Voice Review

The Indie Voice Review is a biannual literary magazine designed to be a platform for independent artists to showcase their work while also serving as a conduit for donating age-appropriate books to pediatric patients. The magazine is open to short stories, poetry, and original pieces of artwork. The specifics guidelines for submissions can be found on the 46 Series Entertainment website.

About 46 Series Entertainment

46 Series Entertainment is an indie company for indie writers. It provides professional editing and layout design services and is an independent publisher of fiction and The Indie Voice Review literary magazine The company was founded in 2018 as the self-publishing venue for American author, Tim Koster

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